Fabulous for you. Fantastic for the planet.

March 28, 2020

It’s been a while since we created a blog, mainly because we have been growing and have all been incredibly busy  but at present in the midst of the dreaded Covid-19 virus we are all stuck at home so I thought we would stay in touch through the blog.

Firstly my thoughts are with you our lovely clients who have supported us through these first 2years, a great big thank you for your continuing support. We will all hopefully get through this by staying inside, remaining positive and showing love and kindness to all.

I asked my fabulous team -Hannah, Natasha and Nina what they feel about working with natural products in a mindful salon, they didn’t let me down!

It’s great to know that all of us feel pretty much the same way. Some  common questions for all of us-

Are we minimising harm to the environment? -Yes

Are we harming ourselves? -No

Are we harming our clients? -No

Are we harming animals? -No

Is this product as natural as it can be? -Yes

The question on everyones lips -do these products do the job?

The last question is probably the most important because if the product isn’t working we cannot do our job to the best of our ability

After working with the fantastic product ranges within our salon we can categorically state that ‘yes’ they all work beautifully.

The ammonia question.

We are often asked about ammonia and have come to the conclusion that a lot of people out there have been ‘green-washed’ by the big players (not mentioning any names)


Ammonia is not a dangerous chemical when used correctly.

Did you know ammonia is produced naturally by our bodies.

No-one is allergic to it but it can cause temporary skin irritability, though not usually in the kind of quantities found in hair dye.

Ammonia is a liquefied gas that dissipates into the air once activated (hence the smell) so is not being absorbed into the skin and leaves no residue.

Hair dye that doesn’t contain ammonia uses other chemicals, mainly MEA or monoethanolamine to do the same job- MEA is more aggressive than ammonia but is odourless and clever marketing companies have used this to convince us that the smell is a bad thing. MEA in-fact leaves residue in the hair, causes dryness/brittleness and hair colour fade.

To be clear the main allergy causing ingredient in hair dye is PPD (a topic for another day) which is not an ingredient in the hair dyes we use.

This is what Nina our trainee stylist has to say-
“I prefer to work for a sustainable salon in order to minimise my effect on the pollution and destruction of the environment.
In our everyday life plastic is a common factor, whether it’s on or containing products we use or the food we consume it is everywhere. When it comes to reducing, we at Earth aim to lessen the amount of stress and pollution we have on the planet. We do this by recycling, reusing and being mindful of our consumption. We even have a compost for us to use.
Another way to lessen the stress on our environment, is by using products that are biodegradable. This means that whatever product we use are safe for the environment when they are broken down.
All ingredients are made to be safer and less harsh on the environment. Once the product is used, the packaging is recycled or reused by our salon.
My own personal goal is to become completely animal friendly. Animal testing is still a massive factor when it comes to product manufacturing and it very much needs to stop. I aim to be kind to animals and to lessen their suffering, because they were not put on this planet in order for us to use and consume, they do not give up themselves willingly.
At the end of the day, what we use and what we consume comes back to us. And it’s in our best interest to take care of our planet”.
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, hope you found it interesting.